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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News update from Suthasinee Noi-In Foundation

By Steve Skilbeck - We have some good news to relate regarding the orphanage: Ms. Suthasinee (affectionately known to the children as Mae Tiew) is feeling much better and appears to be getting stronger with time.

Previously, it was reported in a Bangkok Post article entitled “Illness is no Barrier to Helping Others”, that Ms. Suthasinee had been given only months to live after contracting intestinal cancer in 2000. Well, ten years later, Ms. Suthasinee is proving that illness is no barrier because she is still meeting the many challenges confronting the orphanage; the financial kind being the most challenging as always!

At the last count conducted a few days ago, there were seventy-four children and young folk (thirty boys and forty-seven girls) at the orphanage of which half are confirmed HIV-positive. The kids range in age from newborn babes up to eighteen years old.

Right now, the orphanage’s main requirement, as the cooler weather approaches the northeastern parts of Thailand, is for children’s winter clothing, shoes and such. Also a few books to read and study would not go amiss.

Making a donation to the foundation is the easiest way to help these needy children and you can do this by credit card without leaving your house, or from your office, as outlined step-by-step at the head of the Charity Trek 2010 web page. Or you can arrange a wire transfer into the dedicated charity account. (Details available from

Whichever method you chose, be assured that the foundation will put your welcome donation to good use to benefit the children’s welfare and further education.

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