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Saturday, October 30, 2010

6 More Days to Go - But You Can Still Make a Difference

By Marco Gorin - This is probably the second last post before departure. Gear and supplies have been procured, assembled, checked and re-checked. Not quite packed yet.

However this post is really to thank all the kind souls whom have been supporting us in raising funds for the HIV+ orphans at the Suthasinee Noi-in Foundation so far.

Some have pledged and donated, others have pledged and are yet to donate. A number of fund raising activities are still in full swing and we hope that many more will join in as active supporters and contributors before our departure, during our trek and after we return to base!!

Donate could not be easier as it can be done on-line at the official website no matter where you are or which currency you wish to use. It will only take a minute and by simply using your credit card and following a few simple steps you too could make a tremendous difference to the lives of the kids at the foundation.

We are set to break last year level of donation by a great margin. We want to, we are working hard to and WE WILL!

Donations will be welcome until the 15th of December 2010 and we plan to visit the foundation in Yasothon (Thailand) by mid January 2011 to deliver a big cheque, clothing and spend a couple of days with the kids and the great people whom, together with Ms Suthasinee, look after them.

Be generous, be kind and do help make a difference to their lives.

Join us!

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